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15 Dec 14 - 18:57

Bail reduced for adoptive mom accused of abuse

Bail reduced for Pandora Sale adoptive mom accused of abuse

Anchorage, alaska a judge Pandora Bracelets Sale reduced the bail of an anchorage woman accused of severely abusing six of her adopted children at a court appearing in anchorage thursday.

Judge meters spaan lowered anya ardin james' bail from $100, 000 so as returning to be $75, 000, saying he said to be her a flight risk, but trusted that an ankle pursuing program would keep her in anchorage.

Administrators say james collected over $750, 000 in state of alaska adoption financial assistance for the six children over her decade as an adoptive parent.She also collected the children's permanent fund dividend checks as may have collected checks for her children who were investors in alaska native corporations.

Prosecutors said that anya james had reinvented herself when she moved to alaska changing her name completely and starting out adopt children in the late 1990s.

If she posts bail she will have to wear an ankle monitor device and submit Pandora Bracelets Cheap to substance testing, and will be allowed to leave her house for visits to the doctor, food shopping and court appearances.Other requirements include no contact with any of her adopted children or minors younger than 16.

Both the prosecution and defense privately showed the judge photographs of your kids Pandora Enamel Charms at thursday's hearing.

The footage showed two sides of the story, spaan mentioned:Some pictured seemingly happy family vacation spots, people"Duplicated the state's theory"Along with abuse.

Rex servant, james' legitimate, asserted that the photos of"Elaborate and huge"Vacations to places like eurodisney were signs that the abuse claims against james were false.

"Microsoft.James treated these children quite nicely, he was quoted saying.

Anya james' adopted little princess alice james, so 21, told the courtroom that shows were not what they seemed.

"We may have pictures of disneyland and everything but it wasn't same as that when we went there, said alice wayne. "Even though we had certain pictures of those places doesn mean we were allowed to participate,

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