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09 Dec 14 - 18:51

Is this triplex the best value

Firstly, i absolutely love this website!Since searching for it few months back, i have discovered so much from all the people who contribute here so selflessly!I am anxious about learning more and contributing when i am able.

I am staring at a triplex in atlanta metro area.Property is situated in a good area.Here Rcorner are data:

I never owned a multifamily property before.I am concered about water bill included in rent, and also what kind of tenant the property would attract due to lack of central air conditioning(Owners of the home use window North Face Outlet Sale UK units).

Please let me know what you believe.Thankfully.

Created posted by kazi rahman:

I think assuming 50% expense is standard formula that's being used by a lot of investors when it is about calculating cash flow, but it will never be true in my case at least when dealing with single family properties.I haven't heard of small multifamily properties though.I think this property will likely to cash flow lot better than $255/month.I would die to hear others' opinion about 50% expense formula though.

The 50% formula builds in many items but is intended to allow a quick analysis of whether a deal has decent potential profit.It makes presumptions about taxes, insurance policy coverage, openings etc.And it does not give you a detail analysis of a real property.

In your soul case, it may be that you've got yet to face replacing any major systems, but generally figure on a new roof($8K)Every 20 quite a few(Or possibly a $400/yr), HW tank every 6 years($100/yr), HVAC systems and other big ticket things that have long term lifespans.If you haven't had to replace these yet, then yes your apparent cash flow will higher at the present time.But should you not budget for them and saved money towards them, you can run into financial hardships when they occur.I know you certainly will think, well i guess, when things get old i will just sell and let an individual worry about it, but occasion you note, experience investors here frequently indicate that a potential buyer check on the rest of the lifespans and adjust their price accordingly.

In addtion, high rent property and low rent property do not fit the model besides mid range rentals.

Thank you everyone for those great analysis of this deal.I was hesitant in regards North Face Jackets:http://www.rcorner.co.uk/ to this property when i started this thread, but now i am pretty convinced that this might be a good deal if all the major systems are in good shape and water bill is not excessive.I are making an offer.I will show you if it gets accepted.

"The 50% rule is a great place to begin, but as with any"Recommendations"It needs to be a beginning North Face Outlet UK point, not a end,

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